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PHP Auto Dealer

System Requirements

Please keep in mind that all systems are setup differently. We recommend that you test the free trial version prior to purchase to verify compatibility. You will need a zip program to unzip the files and also FTP to upload to your server.

PHP Auto Dealer is PHP 5 Compatible

1. PHP 4.3 + or PHP 5 +
2. GD 2.x + with JPG support for image resizing.
3. FreeType Support is required for writing over images. (Optional)
4. FTP Support Enabled (Needed only for Autotrader and Automatic FTP)
5. 1 - mySQL database.
6. Ioncube (See Below).

1. register_globals compatible (can be On or Off)
2. Safe Mode Compatible
3. If FreeType is not supported the software will run correctly. But the writing over images feature will not function until FreeType support is added.
4. You will need an FTP program to upload the files to your server.

Ioncube Encoding Information

Please note that only 10 function files are encoded in the purchased versions. They handle backend functionality that is not likely to need to be modified. You are able to modify and customize all the other files. Contact us if you do need these files changed.

For more information on Ioncube or to download the latest free loaders

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