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PHP Auto Dealer

The list below is of the basic features. Please look at the online demos or download a free trial to see all the features available.

Major Features

- Video support for both local and youtube New 2.8
- Complete support for all the changes in PHP 5.3 New 2.8
- Thumbnail Carousel Display New 2.8
- New improved lightbox effects New 2.8
- TinyMCE as an optional text editor New 2.8
- New improved category menu New 2.8
- Support for FTP Datafeed
- Automatic FTP for Autotrader and Data Files
- Full currency formatting support
- wysiwyg editor for custom text area fields
- CarFax Support
- File Upload Support (PDF, Doc, Etc.)
- SMTP and HTML Email Support
- Modal windows replace popups
- Supports up to 60 images per listing New 2.8.1
- Added slide out menu for categories
- Support for Private Label/Branding
- Support for's FTP Datafeed
- Support for Google Analytics
- Mark listings as Pending
- Automatically write Pending over images
- Ability to exclude Pending/Sold listings from search results
- purplecar and basic templates
- Basic wysiwyg editor for description field
- Mark listings as Sold
- Automatically write Sold over images
- Details page view counter shown in Admin and available in details template
- Template tags now generated for all custom fields and images. (Details template)
- Basic stats in Admin.
- Upgraded installer checks for requirements and your config settings
- Easy Installation with database setup script
- Password protected admin interface.
- Online Administration with only a web browser.
- Automatic thumbnail creation and image resizing (JPG)
- Images stored as files NOT in database
- Supports sub categories 5 levels deep
- Unlimited customizable fields.
- Support for multple vehicle types each with there own features/options.
- Refer to a Friend feature.
- Ask sales a question feature.
- Sale Pricing
- Templates for easy customization or integration.
- Language file for translation.
- Built in Search
- View by category, make, search, specials.
- Sort by year, make, model, price.
- Page Spanning.
- Latest listings on home page.
- Random Sale listings on home page.
- Large image option.
- Hide listings
- Delete individual images.
- 1 Year of updates included.
- Free Installation Available.
- Much more!

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