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PHP Auto Dealer Change Log

Changes from 2.7 to 2.8

  • PHP 5.3 Compatible - All deprecated functions replaced and the admin changed to work with new "max_file_uploads" php setting.
  • Added support for both local and youtube video.
  • Added tinymce as a wysiwyg choice for textareas.
  • Added thumbnail carousel
  • Removed thumnail i-frame -- Replaced by carousel.
  • Added menu bar to add/edit listings.
  • Added Image Manager page in admin.
  • Added File upload manager in admin.
  • Added Video manager in admin.
  • Changed modal image window to new lightbox.
  • Changed Ask Question to new lightbox.
  • Changed Send to Friend to new lightbox.
  • Changed Payment Calc to new lightbox.
  • Removed old modal window files.
  • Replaced slider menu with a better version.
  • Added ability to search for hidden listings in admin.
  • Prevented Sold listings from displaying on the home page latest and specials.
  • Made the stats on the admin homepage links.
  • Corrected foreach error in details.php when there are no custom fields.
  • Added if structure to each foreach to prevent errors when count = 0
  • Corrected image renaming to allow file names that have more than one period. (a.b.c.jpg)
  • Replaced depricated eregi functions
  • Removed calls to the deprecated magic_quotes functions.
  • Replace decprecated split() calls in phpmailer.
  • Removed Zend version.
  • Function files are no longer binary files. They can now be uploaded normally.

Changes from 2.7 to 2.7.1

  • Fix for security vulnerabilty.
  • Fix for sale price edit bug.

Changes from 2.6 to 2.7

  • Added support for Datafeed
  • Added Automatic FTP uploading of Autotrader and data files
  • Added Improved support for currency formatting
  • Added Password Reset Function
  • Uploading Files can now be enabled/disabled in the config
  • Added wysiwyg editor for custom text area fields
  • Added support to Autotrader for New vehicles as well as Used
  • Added MSRP field. (Needed for Autotrader to show your price for new vehicles)
  • Fixed default values for text and textarea fields not showing correctly in add form.
  • Fixed max length for link text being too long.
  • Corrected user passwords being set to NULL if not entered upon user modification.
  • Added listing finder to Autotrader and features. Locates listings that are missing required data.
  • Added option to download autotrader and data files upon creation.
  • Removed javascript call loading old wysiwyg editor. (Problematic for IE)
  • <-msrp-> Available in details.php
  • Added option to create both Used and New Data files for AutoTrader
  • Added option to include All, Used Only, or New Only to
  • Corrected edit listing showing the wrong currency sign.
  • Fixed category count bug in left menu.
  • Added file seperator setting in config. (Needed for File feature with Windows OS)
  • Updated the Docs

Changes from version 2.5 to 2.6

  • Added an else to listings.php to set the type to 1 by default. Wasn't being set with used/new = off
  • Corrected admin search by listing type not spanning pages correctly.
  • Corrected v_id = 0 causing incorrect default custom field values in add listing.
  • Increased images to 24
  • Changed details page payment link opens in dhtml window instead of loading a whole page.
    Works as usual with direct payment.php links.
  • Send question link opens in dhtml window instead of loading a whole page.
  • Send to Friend opens in dhtml window instead of loading a whole page.
  • Integrated FCKeditor for description field. Replaces other editor (remove includes/javascript/wysiwyg)
  • Clicking thumbs or full image opens larger image in dhtml window instead of new window.
  • Added support for SMTP email. Can choose mail() or SMTP
  • Added support for HTML email. Can choose HTML or Plain text.
  • Revamped send to friend functions and added template - send_to_friend.php
  • Revamped Ask Question functions and added template - ask_question.php
  • Ask question emails can be sent to the default address or directly to the user that added the listing. (Set in config.php)
  • Added option to send a copy of the Send a Friend email to the sender.
  • Added option to send a copy of the Ask Question email to the sender.
  • Change to prevent duplicate category names on the same level.
  • Added slide out menu for categories. - Left Menu
  • Changed view_cat to display listings in the selected cat and all subs under the selected category.
  • Added option to show thumbs on details page in an iframe. Can be verticle or horizontal
  • Added support for CarFax dealer program links.
  • Added more filters and sort options to the admin report.
  • Added ability to upload files. (5 per listing - PDF, DOC, Etc.)
  • Added ability to hide custom fields from the automated details table display.
  • Added 'Select One' to custom field drop lists to allow for a 'no choice' option.
  • Corrected typo in admin/autotrader.php
  • Added min/max year to Search
  • Increased max username length to 50
  • Increased max password length to 20

Changes From version 2.4.x to Version 2.5

  • Added the ability to brand (private label) the software
  • Added vars for branding in version.php
  • Changed header and footer of all templates to use the branding vars.
  • Added data file creation
  • Added template: basic
  • Added template: purplecar
  • Added Pending Status
  • Added basic wysiwyg editor for description field
  • Added trim, transmission, exterior color, and interior color fields.
  • Added Exclude Pending and Exclude Sold to search
  • Added Transmission to Search
  • Added status to admin locate listing search
  • Added Google Analytics tracking code
  • Corrected the var assignment for custom fields
  • Corrected user/pass maxlength in install.php now same as admin/index.php
  • Removed Header/Footer from phpinfo page
  • Corrected the double template parse that appeared on some OS's
  • Corrected latestandspecials showing specials column title when no specials available.
  • Fixed the send from address var typo
  • Changed logout.php to a redirect
  • Changed cats.php to prevent adding a blank category name.
  • Added Support link to admin left menu.
  • Added autotrader template to display info and button
  • Added setting to config to allow skipping the "are you sure screen" when deleting listings.
  • Various minor fixes

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