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PHP Auto Dealer - Branding Info

As of version 2.5 you can completely private label PHP Auto Dealer if you wish. You can change the script name, version, etc. to whatever you like. This feature is mainly for Webmasters that host multiple auto sites.

General Information

Branding is intended to isolate us from your customers. You will appear as the vendor and be the only point of contact with your customer. This will allow you to market and price your services without competing with us.

You are free to setup a business model that is the most beneficial to you.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION - (See the license for details)

Basic Rules

  • The end user must agree to a license that meets the spec's of our license. You may make it more restrictive if you like but it must be at least equivalant to ours.
  • The sublicense your client agrees to must not conatin the right to sublicense.
  • You may not make any representations or warranties on behalf of BIC Marketing Development.
  • You are responsible for providing support to your clients. This includes providing the software, tech support, license management, etc. We will provide support to you.
  • Our license grants you the use of our products but we retain full ownership of the products. We reserve the right to enforce our license agreement whether it is sublicenced and branded or not. Failure to follow the license may result in license suspension.
  • You understand that we may change how the branding and licensing are done as needed.
(See license for details.)

If you do not intend to provide support to your customers we ask that you either purchase a license in an account under their name or have them purchase a license from us directly so they will have the ability to get support and updates.


Steps to branding:

  1. Open version.php and change the variables for company, version, script name. This will automatically show in the installer, and all the powered by links.
  2. Edit admin/support.php with your info or change the support link in the admin left menu to point to your url.
  3. Replace the header images in the templates.
  4. Go through the docs folder. Change what you want to keep and remove what you do not want to keep.
  5. Edit the license error pages. license/error/*
  6. Change anything else you like.

    If you have any questions please visit the support desk at:

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